July 19, 2006

surprise, surprise, surprise!

if you don't have paul simon's new album, order it or go buy it immediately. best buy and walmart both have it for $13. i'm telling you, it's amazing.

in other news, yesterday when chris and i got home, i got his to-go tea mug out of the car and put it in my giant purse. (i call it my mary poppins purse b/c i can fit EVERYTHING in there. i haven't tried a lamp or a plant, but i bet they would fit...) i promptly forgot it was in there and it apparently got layed down somewhere between arriving home and hanging it up for the night. this morning before leaving i noticed it was in there laying on its side and didn't think anything of it b/c i thought it was empty to begin with. i just put it in the kitchen to clean later.
after dropping christopher off this morning, i reached in my purse to get my keys out and lo and behold, look what i found. earl gray tea!!!! i found that it had soaked my calendar and check book first and was thankful that it hadn't gone everywhere else as well. ah, but it had. it was actually poooled in the bottom!!! it soaked through the side of the purse too. i've been meaning to clean this thing for a while now since it's going on 3 years of usage...guess now i'll really have to!!! and for those of you who are jealous at the wonderfulness of the purse, i got it in italy for 20 euro. it was a wise investment.

speaking of gross things in the purse, it reminds me of the time that chris and i sneaked (snuck?) chick-fil-a into the movies once. i got some polynesian sauce (kind of like sweet and sour sauce) with chris warning me that it wasn't a good idea. i assured him with great confidence that it would be fine and i knew what i was doing. i was a polynesian sauce expert. we sat down, the movie started, and out came the chicken nuggets. half way through the movie, i reached down to get my hoodie sweatshirt and i felt a little sauce on it. eew. i wiped it off with a napkin and thought nothing else of it. when the movie was over, i looked down and gasped. sauce was EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! literally. it was as if i had poured an entire container of it into my purse and all over everything. kind of like my purse was a salad and the sauce was the dressing. oh. it was nastier than nasty. and all chris could do was chuckle. *sigh* always listen to your man. and strangely enough, i haven't eaten my nuggets with sauce since...hm.


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