July 06, 2006

super- and mail-men

okay this story is too hilarious not to share. so we had the lovely pool party on monday night. we stopped by walmart to get another giant ball, and the only thing they had were tiny little ones - regular kick-ball size. "PHOOEY!" we said. chris said that one of his new co-workers, whom he invited and was coming, asked if he could pick anything up. chris said he would call adam and have him stop by the bilo and get a giant ball. oh how funny! they've known each other for 4 weeks in a work setting only. "hey buddy, wanna stop by and pick up some liquor?" that would have been a normal request for people our age. but NO! people like us say "hey buddy, wanna stop by and pick up a giant ball? big enough you can't wrap your arms around it? that'd be great!" but he did it. it was a blue ball with a big SUPERMAN emblem on it. oh. adam is SO in.

anyway, that's not the hilarious story. our plan was to make homemade ice cream, and i printed off 5 pages worth of recipes for us to choose from. i also had a "things to BUY and things to GET from the apartment" list on a sticky note sticky'd to the recipes. i left my office with an arm full of letters and packets to mail. i was running late and in a hurry, but i went to the mail room, stamped them, stacked them back up, and put them in the big blue mail box outside our office. i picked chris up and we headed to the store. halfway there it hit me...i didn't remember putting the recipes in the car with me...then again, where was that list i made? i started randomly saying out loud, "oh you've got to be kidding me...no...no!!" while rummaging around the car (still buckled, of course) with chris saying, "what?! what???!?!" and me saying, "no! no!!!! i can't believe it!!!" *sigh* i mailed them. i put the recipes and my list IN the mailbox. maybe the mailman needed to make his family some ice cream that night...it was QUITE hilarious.

okay that's all. if any of you are in town this summer and are in the mood for a game of KABLASH, come on over!!! :)


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