June 30, 2006

stacey's shots!

FINALLY! my sister stacey took a TON of pictures and gave us a cd with all of them on there. i meant to bring it to work immediately, but then we lost it somewhere in the house. we found it yesterday!! here's some good shots that she took.
wedding party coming in.
here's our program cover!
carrie and lyndsay have a tender moment...aww...
NO IDEA what we're saying to each other. i PROMISE we weren't mad!!!! it makes me laugh though...or maybe it was something like, "what do you MEAN they disassembled the chocolate fountain????" and chris tries to console me, "now lyndsay, i know you said you were going to stick your face under the flow, but we all decided it was for your best, and the dress's, that we took it away. now just chill out!!" (*just for the record, we did NOT have a chocolate fountain*)
haha! he's afraid he'll hurt it...or something...
look how BEAUTIFUL mccallie made our cake tables!!!! i was seriously blown away. i tell you what...i've worked here for a year and a half and they never cease to amaze me. their every-day food is AMAZING (not just "amazing-for-cafeteria-food" - truly DELICIOUS) and when they do something "nice" - like our annual visitors day when people come in from around the country - it's just smashing. better than anything anywhere else in town. melissa and amy!!! you're the BEST!!!! :) :) :)


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