June 26, 2006

day 4 - epcot again

chris proud and excited about "mission space"!!! you may think that from the last time we were at epcot (day 1) that his wife forces him to look excited in front of things, but this one was all him. well, i made him get in front, but the thumbs up was all him. hah!!

imagination!! (or is the land? or is it something else....i can't remember!!!!!!!!!)

this is the "voices of liberty" a-capella singing group that we got to enjoy before going into the "american adventure" show. one of the guys that works the show (not pictured) gave us all this special stuff for our honeymoon and talked to us for a while, got us to sit in the very, very front on the floor (supposedly the best seat to hear the echoing and resonance of the singers) and, unknown to us, told the guy on the far left (almost cut off) that it was our honeymoon. the guy in the picture said "we have some celebrities in the audience today!" and right when i was thinking "ooooh!!! i wonder who's here!!!!" he said "CHRIS AND LYNDSAY SLATEN are celebrating their honeymoon with us!!!" long story short, there were LOTS of people staring at us and clapping for us, and then the ensemble sang a song dedicated to us..."when i fall in love"...at which point all the husbands and wives in the audience started gazing at each other and cuddling...it was hilarious!

then the original man who told the choir it was our honeymoon came up to us after the "american adventure" and took us to the restaurant next door, BELTED out that we were celebrating our honeymoon (to another 200 or so people) and gave us some patriotic dessert. then on our way out, he got the entire restaurant to give him 3 "hip-hip-hooray"s....it, again, was hilarious!!!!

here's the overpass of where we stayed.


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