June 23, 2006

day 3 continued

we went to a bird show...i don't really have words for it. perfect comes to mind. mind-blowing, amazing, truly unbelieveable. i cried. chris made fun of me, but he knows i love birds, so it's okay. most of the pictures we have from the bird show are videos....anyone? hello? does anyone know how to post videos on blogger? please?!

all of the little walking trails were made to look like ancient ruins or other countries...always something really awesome. the atmosphere was just the best!! this is one of the walking trails...

there were different shows - the bird show was one of them. this is the lion king show. AWESOME! it was basically a sort of review of all the songs with a lot of dancing and acrobatics and awesomeness! again, most of the things we got in it were videos, but here's a couple of pictures...here's pumbaa and timon!...and okay, so this is the only picture from the show. dangit. it was awesome!!!

and our lunch was giant turkey legs. HOLY SMOKES! literally...they were smoked turkey legs and they were so dadgum good! good thing we got them at the end of our day though...hello triptophan!!! zzzzzzzz......

animal kingdom might just have been my favorite park...it was amazing.


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