June 19, 2006

showers upon showers

okay fine. my public needs me. i shall post highlights from all i have, beginning with showers, ending with more from the wedding. but i shall not give captions as there are too many pictures and i have too much work to do...and as soon as i get the pictures from chris' computer to a disk or my computer, i shall post some of the honeymoon! oh disneyworld!!! (*edit - okay fine...i'll post captions...)
jency and lyndsay! i really like this picture, except that my corsage was all crooked b/c it was too heavy!!

sisters! yeah, i know. none of you knew i had sisters...now you do! stacey (middle) and laura. there's mom in the background reviewing her notes...

here's the ladies that threw me the shower. how wonderful!! betty julian, aunt charlene (chris' aunt), me, margaret rollins, and bonnie clark.

here's another shower - my emmaus community!! these are 4 of the 6 ladies that threw the shower. nancy oakes, holly morgan, melissa hynes (she didn't help throw it - the shower was for both of us! she got married the week after me!), dk, and ann blackburn. LOVE THEM!!!

hah! dk got up in front of everyone and said that she understood that melissa and i, and our mothers, were having a hard time finding something to wear to our weddings. so they made dresses for us. ain't we purty?!?!

another shower - the girls at work threw it! chris and me are listening to someone...probably telling a joke...

cutest cake ever! sandra makes awesome cakes - this one is an apron...see???

all the tables had centerpieces of fresh herbs and spices and small kitchen utencils and stuff - we got to keep it all. AMAZING!!!


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