June 16, 2006

playing with alignment and pictures

these are all the people that attended the wedding (that were still there when we took the picture) who graduated from mccallie - where i work, where chris graduated from. they are, from left to right, top row: josh gruner '02, nathan shirai '02, brian sneed '02, lawson konvalinka '02, john parkhurst '03, andrew parkhurst '05, steve marsh '95, rob shomaker '99. bottom row: zane hamilton '02, gary beene '66, ray walker '53 (my daddy!), me (i, unfortunately, didn't graduate from the all-boys school, but i'm the bride, so i have to be in the picture!), chris slaten '02 (my husband!), david ray '03, colin slaten '97, mark nagle '03, forrest walker '95 (my brother!), and daniel shomaker '03. there were a bunch there that left before the picture was taken. ah well. tough luck for them. they just won't make it into the newsletter!!

just the kids! mae mae and alice whitmire are 2 of my cousin's children, and hudson burke is just the coolest kid ever, our ring bearer, the son of the pastor that married us and gave us premarital counseling. isn't this a fun picture!! i really wish they were all holding hands. ah well. they're cuter than cute anyway!!


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