June 16, 2006


okay. so i just had big, major events happen in my life. the wedding was amazing, of course, but we also had all the showers, the thursday lake party, all the stuff that happens on wedding eve, and then, of course, the honeymoon. my dream of all dreams is that i could have pictures from all of them preserved in a scrapbook or photo album of some sort. but, knowing me better than anyone, i know full well that it wouldn't happen for at least 5 years, if it happened at all. or it might get halfway done and then put aside to finish when i have great-grandkids and am on my deathbed. so it was sort of just a distant wish of mine, hoping that maybe, just maybe getting married would have sparked some sort of motivation in me to finsih a project like that. kind of like how i keep telling people that i'm going to be neat and clean after i get married...oops. that's now...er...um....dang.

new story. jency franklin, my butt-kicker of a maid of honor, was present at all of aforementioned events (except the honeymoon...duh) and has am amazing new digital camera that, i like to think, she got just to keep up with all of my wonderful events. (hah!) i know all of her pictures were wonderful and had previewed some of them just on the camera screen and was pumped to get them, hopefully, one day in disc form to share with my online family and get some printed and stuff.

today jency and i went out to lunch. she came to my office laden with the cd of pictures!! OH GLORIA!!! hundreds of pictures all for ME!!!! happy, oh happy was i. so then we walk to the car and she starts talking about how my wedding present from her is in the car, and i was all "oh come on! you did more than anyone ever should have! you totally don't need to get me anything!!!" not to mention all the candles she gave us. (hah! only she might get that...) well friends, jency franklin has now topped all gifts to win the award of being the greatest gift giver in the entire universe! she gave me a photo album of everything. EVERYTHING!!! from the first shower to when we drove away from the reception. absolutely undadgumbelievable. i cried! i looked at it twice on the way to lunch and twice on the way back!

but i don't want my mom to know about it. i think she's wanting to do the same thing, and if she knows jency made me one, she might not make me one, and i want two. that's right. i'm going super extra extreme selfish this time. i want TWO photo albums, neither of which i make myself.

thank you jency. you give me the andrew peterson collage, your mom gives me the amazing dancing woman whom we both named ezmerlda (it's from that same blog entry), and then you're the most amazing maid of honor and friend anyone could ever dream of. i mean, like, if i had the technology and power to create people, and i wanted to create the perfect maid of honor for me while i was planning and going through my wedding, you would have WAY outdone that robo-girl. amazing. and then you go and do this. i just can't believe you. i'm amazed.
this is my favorite picture from the ones she gave me. dadgumit! stupid blogger!!! it does nothing when i click "done". so no picture for you!


Blogger Jill said...

now THAT IS what I call the 'best gift ever!'
my sister made me the most awesomest glorious scrapbook from my wedding and I still enjoy looking at it.
What a special treasure from a treasured friend!
(don't you just want to drop-kick blogger sometimes?!?! aahhh!!!)

9:52 AM  
Anonymous mil said...

Oh WOW! I can't wait to see it! :-)

9:26 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

bwaha!! you'll just have to come see us!! oh...you did last night...well, come see us again!! :) :)

10:00 AM  

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