June 19, 2006

preparing, dancing, and more

no more words...tired of explaining...remember, though, that these are just jency's and my in-law's pictures...i can't wait to see raleigh's pictures!! speaking of, i need to call her...okay now it's, like, 2 days later...so i'll post comments...

here's where betsy was helping me get all buttoned up. i really like this picture!!

this one is all, like, artsy, or something. there goes the bride! look at her!!

haley, chris' cousin who also SANG "praise to the Lord, the Almighty" as i was walking down the aisle, took most of these pictures. here's suzanne, jennifer and beth smiling away. aren't they gorgeous???

here's emily sleeping :), betsy, jennifer and carrie. stunning women!!

flowers! i love this picture!!!!

we didn't really have dancing at the reception. this was just a few minutes before we walked out and we had a little moment. his dad caught it!!

here's mr. shomaker trying to make his amazing model T car start. i don't think it ever did...his son had to push us down the hill and then he popped it into gear!! oh, and i'm waving at my mommy...i wished i had gotten to hug her one more time...click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see the expression on my face. pitiful!!! :)



Blogger Emily said...

Hi Lyndsay, I am Jill, Josh, and Jodie's cousin... so I'm not totally random. But I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! I love hearing about your beautiful wedding! And you and I are reading the same Mike Mason book! Isn't it fantastic? I am definitley a fan of your blog and just had to tell you. Jill and I always ask each other if we've read the latest Lyndsay post! Thanks for sharing your story with us and I can't wait to read more! And see the Disneyworld pictures!

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like your wedding was lovely! ~lola haveman

4:15 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

y'all are awesome!! :)

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it is marvelous! Thank you for sharing so much. You are truly a delightful sister in the Lord.
What fun and great pictures!

jay are

11:05 AM  
Blogger Yancy said...

Best Wishes on your marriage!!

Was Derek Conrad Brown in attendance at the ceremony?

11:13 AM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

in case anyone is curious, "jay are" is my fabulous old roommate for 3.5 years (before i had a boy for a roommate) her initials are "jr", hence "jay are". my old initials were "lw" and my nickname was "el double you". now i guess i'm "el es"...

yancy, i do not know. i don't remember seeing anyone except chris and the preachers!! derek? were you there?

2:19 PM  

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