June 19, 2006

showers and fun

a few more shower pictures and then some thursday afternoon lake party and afterward action!!!
this is our last shower - the co-ed shower, which meant chris got a bunch of tools and stuff!! oh bc. how i love that man. best tool present EVER!!

mommy, lyndsay and shoo!! (shoo is what we called my aunt "sharon" (mom's sister) when we were little. the name stuck)

the future father-in-law giving some good advice!

friends!! rick, jeremiah, josh and colin!

this begins our thursday afternoon lake party. mmmm. swimming.

this is the LIFE! except i had to stay on my little float b/c i was afraid little fishies were going to bite my toes...or as brian kept pointing out, "MAN EATERS!!!" EEK!!!

christopher floating.

so then everyone left except for me and my bridesmaids. we all spent the night and had, uh, fruit smoothies....riiiiiiiiight.....;) this is me with my cousin emily!

CARRIE MADE THESE SHIRTS!!!! she made them for all of the bridesmaids...and me, of course. dude. how awesome. they are SO CUTE and SO SOFT and i just love them.

then they washed my feet. dude. talk about a BLESSED GIRL!!! this is jennifer rigsby (aka, "jay are") washing my feet and jency beside me. she read scripture, jennifer prayed over me, all the girls were there. it was absolutely perfect. thank you Lord!


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