June 19, 2006

brunch, dinner, fun!

bridesmaid's brunch at the back inn cafe! hanging out at the lakehouse! rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at southside cafe!!
here we all are. jency, nana (chris' grandmother, rhymes with "banana" - it's very important b/c my nana (been gone for almost 2 years) was pronounced "nonna"), gaye, me, mom (you can't really see her), shoo (aunt), katie, kendall, emily (the last 3 are shoo's daughters, my cousins), betsy (can't really see her), suzanne, carrie, jennifer, beth, jennifer. hooray!!!

kendall, me, katie, emily - i love them!!

ah carrie. beautiful college roommate. she wasn't able to make it to the lake party on thursday, so when she got there after the brunch, i had to document her presence. she looks awesome in my hammock! wait, she looks awesome everywhere....

this is the only picture we have of the actual rehearsal. AND, as i realized yesterday, the ONLY picture we have of the pastors. yes, even after the wedding ceremony. *sigh* wah! it's jency, al, me, david, chris, colin.

rehearsal dinner! chris and lyndsay! happiness!!

lyndsay, chris, colin and april!! hooray!!!

here's everyone. this is the coolest place to eat ever! i love the raw brick, the food is outstanding, it was the greatest atmotsphere!!

forrest! my brother is amazing. he toasted us a really beautiful toast. he read from proverbs 31 and made me cry.

my mother in law toasting!!


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