June 21, 2006

drip drip drop

so the other day when i got out of bed i stepped down into something wet and i said "OH NO!! i spilled the water glass!" nope. it was still sitting there just as full as it was the night before. we were in such a hurry to get out of there that i just said "huh" and moved on with the day. a couple of days later it hit me - leaking air conditioner!!!!!!!!!!!! so last night we pulled the bed away from the wall (it's kind of pressed against the bottom of the air conditioner) and turned the air conditioner on. about 30 minutes later, sure enough, drip...drip...drip...i mean RAPID drips. probably one every second. so i put one of our biggest pots under it and we left it there just to see how much accumulated. this morning? yeah...TOTALLY full. well, there was like an inch at the top. i said, "dude! that's like a GALLON of water that's been going all over our floor every night!!!" we just sighed. thank the LORD there were blankets and towels underneath the bed instead of books and shoes, or worse, electrical cords!!

i've gotta go. i'm calling our landlord!!!


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