June 23, 2006

day 3 - animal kingdom!!

tree of life!! (you know, from the lion king...)

they say it has over 300 carvings in it...everywhere you look there's an awesome animal!!

this is in life for the new dinosaur ride. talk about awesome, but SCARY! (the ride, not the statue...)

this is the picture they took of our car during the ride. (no, we didn't buy it...is taking a picture of it stealing? oh dear...) and yes, that is me with the TERRIFIED expression. chris is pretty scared too. well, we all are. but check out the guy in front of chris..."dude...i hate this ride...you're stupid!!!" he shouts at the dinosaur about to eat us...HAH!

the park is enormous. no really. there's one ride - the safari...it's like a literal safari except the animals can't get to you. that's the best part about the park is that there's no actual CAGES. they use natural barriers like giant ditches and stuff like that. anyway, the safari ride is only like one-eighth of the park, and the magic kingdom in all its hugeness could fit inside the safari ride alone....anyway, there were all these walking trails all throughout the park with animals and stuff. here's some monkeys...

and here we are watching the monkeys...don't tell his dad that we let a stranger use his camera to take a picture of our BACKS. yeah. all she had to do was just walk away. she would have been long gone before we even knew what had happened...oh well. all's well, and we have a cute picture of the 2 of us!! :)

awesome looking bird with a bright yellow mullet

these guys were fighting like an old married couple. it was awesome!!

bats. mmmm....i'm glad they were all sleeping!

it really did look like we were in another country at times...that's "everest" in the background - the new ride where the yeti GETS YOU!! AAAHHH!!!! it was AWESOME.

baloo and king louie!!


Blogger Derek Conrad Brown said...

The bird that looks bird in the picture above that has what almost looks like a pharoh headress on is a male Chinese Red Golden Pheasant. I used to raise those in Toadvine. Normally their tailfeathers are much longer than that one but he may in the early stages of molting.

5:52 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

i remember that!!! well, at least i remember you telling me about that...cool!

11:48 PM  

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