June 23, 2006

evening 3 - Jiko & FANTASMIC!

oh blessed, glorious, sweet heaven jiko. this is where we had our super nice meal. forrest, my fabulous brother, for our wedding gift gave us some money and told chris to take me somewhere really nice. one of my good friends recommended the restaurant inside the animal kingdom lodge. we were BLOWN AWAY!!!! everyone who works there is actually from africa. sheesh.

i look really, really retarded, but you can see my food really well in this picture. i got some sort of fish (i can't remember exactly...i kept the menu though. i'll find out!) with sweet potato curls on top and it was in this creamy tomato sauce with awesome vegetables underneath. HOLY COW! literally, not exaggerating one tiny bit, the best food i have ever eaten. THANK YOU FORREST!!!!

here's our meal. we got a cheese sampler appetizer that was incredible!! and the bread was some kind of amazing stuff with curry butter. i wish i had better descriptions for these things. chris also got fish - i think his was salmon. it was alright...and it had all these herbs with it and he took a bite like it was salad, and bleh! it was gross. but when you ate it WITH the fish and the sauce that came with it, it was like, literally, this explosion of flavor inside your mouth. after chris discovered the explosion effect, he was very, very happy with his meal!!! oh forest, good grief. THANK YOU!!!

we wish we had gotten him to take another one 'cause chris looks a bit odd...maybe he's just in a food coma...but here's us after we ate! oh sweet satisfaction...

then we went to mgm for FANTASMIC!!! this is the big hat with the camera on "night" setting, so the people are all blurry. awesome.

anyway, fantasmic is a giant fireworks/drama show on this rocky/mountain-ish stage separated from the crowd by a giant moat of water, and mickey battles all the bad guys from all the classic movies. it involves real characters (like, people actually dressed up...i mean, the actual mickey) and movie clips. one of the coolest things was the movie screens were these HUGE water sprays in a big fan shape - movies projected on water. it was CRAZY AMAZING!!! and of course i have no pictures of it b/c they're all movies. you'll just have to go see it for yourself. it was amazing. maybe my favorite show...except the bird show, of course. duh.

hilarious side note: fantasmic started at 10 - right when the park closes for non-disney resort people. when we were walking in there was a SEA of people leaving the park. so we were totally going against the flow. chris said, his voice wavering a little with emotion, "oh! it's so beautiful!! GOODBYE EVERYONE!!!" it was HILARIOUS!!!


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