June 29, 2006

more FWalk

like i said in the below post, he's a baseball coach, and this is his uniform. they apparently played baseball one day at camp and he was the pitcher. he's great!! (he pitches (and does evreything else in life) right handed but bats (and golfs) left handed...go figure!) camp loves him because he's always really into whatever they do. you meet him, and he's pretty reserved. when he gets to camp, he's crazy!! he has a crazy sense of humor and isn't afraid to do anything to make the kids have a great time.

speaking of being crazy...woo!!! they have a costume closet and whenever anyone has a birthday, the staff comes out during a meal singing "the birthday rap" (you can see the girl to forrest's right holding up the songboard) and they're always dressed cRaZiLy...you can TELL by the look on his face that he's in a mischievous mood...like he's about to break out into some mean german guard "shpeal" or something...go forrest go!!! :)

and he's just awesome. he's SO good on these low ropes courses because he's such a great encourager. he loves to help people experience things that he loves. i adore him. i hope you do as well!!!


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