June 27, 2006

day 7

***oops..i forgot to say that the beach pictures are from st. petersburg/st. pete beach***

notice the mickey sausage...and our drinks have mickey-shaped ice cubes in them...HAH! :)

"it's HUGE!"

watching "finding nemo" - it was cloudy, so don't be upset about us watching a movie while we were at the beach! we needed some lazy time!!!

we did make it to the ocean though. chris likes to beat the waves up...he kept smashing into them...i've got some good videos of it!

and this is our sad attempt at building a sand castle. we just weren't feeling the inspiration...

we had been waiting all week to get in the hot tub and were so excited about it! when we finally did, it smelled bad and wasn't hot AT ALL. it felt like a bath that i had been sitting way too long. GROSS!!!


Blogger Jill said...

these are all so fun to look at!!
i'm glad ya'll had a great time in Wonderful FLORIDA!!

what beach was that??

10:35 AM  

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