June 26, 2006

day 4 cont'd - port orleans & downtown disney

port orleans riverside!!

chris finishing his postcard to his parents in the riverside lobby.

blurry shot of our daily walk back to our room...or maybe this is when we're on the boat. either way, the only shots we got of the walk back to our room were videos, and this is the closest to what we walked by every day! beautiful!!

sunset at downtown disney.

legos, people. LEGOS. i stand amazed.

look at the nice lego family!!!

this is a shirt i wanted, but it was $25 for a thin, short sleeved tshirt...i just couldn't do it. i was really proud that i walked away! *sigh*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That look on your face is classic! The little girl inside stands amazed at the creature!
jay are
p.s. I love your blog, its fun to check out.

9:56 PM  

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