June 29, 2006

more CVP

check out CVP, the best, most wonderful summer camp ever! it's the reason i am where i am spiritually, pretty much.

anyway, the 2 following posts are about forrest, my fabulous brother. all the pictures were taken from the cvp website, and in searching for pictures of that handsome devil, i found these.

the hishmehs - the old camp director that was there 4 out of 5 summers when i worked - now live in kansas, but they came up this summer for family camp. james and jack are in the middle - the ones that look exactly alike - and are SO OLD NOW!!! i haven't seen them since they were like 5 and 6!! it's amazing. the other 2 boys are the 2 sons of the current director, bo towns - tanner and reid. all 4 boys are really close in age and have a great time together whenever the hishmehs come in town!

jency franklin, as a lot of you know, was my beloved maid of honor, is the giver of great gifts (as well as her mother!!) and is a dear friend of mine. she has a little sister named sarah that ADORES camp. and there she is!!! proof that she was there and swam BEFORE she got stitches in her knee!!! (she's on the far left in the blue flowery bathing suit with pigtails - early in the camping week she fell and got a really nasty cut just below her knee and had to have 5 or 6 stitches. she insisted on going back up to camp immediately afterward! her parents made her spend the night at home, though, since it was, like, midnight!) she and i have a close relationship b/c we both adore animals. she's 10 years old and says she's going to be a veterinarian. when they catch mice in their barn, she makes her dad set them free in their fields rather than disposing of them otherwise. she is the main reason for them owning 2 rabbits, 2 fish, and now a bird (along with 3 horses and 2 dogs) just the other day they drove to huntsville, al, to "just go looking" at a bird show and they came home with a ringneck *insert fancy word* parrot. she named him bob. he could live 40 years. i MUST meet bob SOON!!! but i digress...


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