July 05, 2006

jeni, paul & marry

well, i wasn't going to post today, but i signed in to add my dear friend jeni hardin wright to my "blog stuff" links. she attended samford our freshman year and was so fortunate to be placed on the 6th floor of our dorm alongside me and some other dear friends! jeni and i also had the same orientation weekend and we wound up waiting to plan our schedule together for a good 2 hours, maybe more. so we just sat there, talking and becoming fast friends. it's amazing that a person can only be in your immediate life for a few short months but you stay friends for years and years. she got married a few months ago to db wright, and they are doing crazy things like traveling to afganistan and taking seminary classes! by "crazy" i mean "amazing" and "i'm jealous"!!!!! i miss jeni. when will i see her again???? i was TOTALLY going to her wedding - had a hotel room booked and everything - and i'll be darned if i didn't have a reaction to some medication the day before, and my mom forbade me from driving across the country. *sigh* i was BUMMED beyond belief. speaking of, hey jeni - how about some pictures of your wedding on that blog of yours???? :)

in other news, raise your hand if you like paul simon. go ahead. don't be shy. i know you like at least something he's done. christopher introduced me to his cds when we started dating and he's been one of my favorites ever since. his last album came out in 2000 - "You're The One" - and it's absolutely addictive!!! chris and i were at church this past sunday and one of our friends, josh bales, who's a mighty fine musician himself, said "ooh, have you gotten paul simon's new album yet?" chris and i both just about jumped through the ceiling!! we got it that afternoon and have pretty much been listening to it ever since. i'm telling you people, it's AWESOME. you can listen to sound clips - some are complete tracks - on his website. if you don't buy the album, at least listen to the clips to get the songs sufficiently stuck in your head. DO IT!

in more other news, two of our good friends are getting married on friday. it's cool too b/c at one point a few years ago when i took easter egg baseball (see my previous post) down to the berry folks to play, daniel - chris' then-roommate - and kirby were the two people that joined chris and me. (dadblastit. i was going to post a great picture of them, but STUPID BLOGGER won't let me!!! WHY does it do that????) anyway, i joked with daniel that he should date kirby, and NOW look where they are!!! JOY! i'm super excited. the wedding is on berry's campus - BEAUTIFUL - and in frost chapel - where i once said i would like to get married. so i'm super pumped. but with the wedding being on friday, that means the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are TOMORROW. christopher is IN the wedding and is going to have to miss the rehearsal (or at least part of it) b/c he can't get off work early b/c he's so new. he IS, however, getting off early friday. HURRAH!!!


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