July 03, 2006

pool kick ball

welcome to my first post in july!! hurrah!

this past weekend we had a mini pool party at chris' parents' house. the high was 95 and the forcast was sunny and we had friends who wanted to hang out. so we said POOL PARTY!!! it was chris, lyndsay, nathan and josh. we were playing with the floating basketball goal and the giant ball (the kind that come from the giant ceiling-tall bins at walmart) it eventually turned into "see who can kick or punch it the farthest when jumping off the diving board". a person would "pitch" the ball from the shallow end and the person jumping would kick it before entering the water. it was great! then josh randomly said "ha! i made it all the way to 3rd base!" and we all paused, looked at each other and said "GOOD IDEA!!!!" and so it was, the birth of the awesomest game EVER!! (save easter egg baseball, of course) it was josh and lyndsay against chris and nathan. DUDE!!! the rules are: the ball has to stay inside the fence. if it goes outside the fence, it's a foul ball. if you don't kick it past the ladder, it's a foul. 3 fouls and you're out. the defense has to be inside the pool at all times before the ball is kicked. when "running" the bases, you must swim above water - freestyle is usually best. when the ball lands in the rose bush and pops, the game is over. OH! how SAD it was!!! the score was 4 - 0, then it was 4 - 6. then it was 6 - 6. then it was 6 - 10. then the ball died!!!! oh christopher. what a strategic way to end the game!!! so we must buy a new one today for the real pool party. hurrah!!! (and this time we'll close the gate...) we would like to come up with a better name for it besides "pool kick ball". you know, how other games have their own names, rathered than names borrowed from other games. i can't think of anything. post a comment if you have an idea, and i will send the winner a prize!!! seriously...

so anyway, after the pool party, nathan had to go, so chris, josh and i were trying to think of something to do. lake winnie (it's full name is lake winnepesaukah) came up, and we all were like "OH YEAH!!!" so we went!! it's this down-home, country amusement park that everyone grew up going to. going back to it as an adult - and especially after just getting back from disney world - it's just hilarious. whenever anyone now-a-days says "we're going...or we went to lake winnie" the person listening says, semi-shocked, "really???" we usually go to ride the cannon ball, but there was only 1 car running, and the line was always stupid long, so we opted to skip it this time. booo!!! eat your heart out visionland! lake winnie is way better than you!!! bwaha!

in other news, our apartment is truly infested with spiders. we're killing them almost constantly...well, okay. maybe not. but we kill at least 3 or 4 a day. i have some bites on me and seem to be bug bites from being outside (let's hope...) but christopher has these bites on his legs and arms that are getting pretty gross. the doctor says that since they didn't get gross right away, that they're not brown recluse, but he's still getting some medication for them. BLEH! hello landlord!! hello?

in more other news, happy 4th of july everyone!!! take some time to praise our good Lord that we live in a free country!!!


Blogger Derek Conrad Brown said...

When you said that one player said 'I got to third base!' and everyone else got excited and said 'good idea'... I was quite frightened that you blog was about to take a turn toward the XXX rated...
As for a good name for your new game, how about blash? as in ball-splash? Speaking of hardcore, that name sounds kind of hardcore...don't you think???
In yet other news, for those of you trapped in the mountains of Tennessee... far from regularly updated news... VisionLand hasn't existed this whole season... its now Alabama Adventure and a lot has changed for the good. So many people came the other day that they had to stop accepting new guests that day and lock the gates. Just ask our fellow blogger Sharon... she works in group sales there.
As for the spiders... they eat bugs, so if there are lots of spiders... then there must be lots of spider breakfasts, dinners, and suppers crawling around or else the spiders wouldn't be there.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


P-ICK-ALL; pickall;
sounds like pickle, except you say the last syllable real southern like "aaaall" like when you say "yaaaaall.

(Okay what's wrong with my spelling. All of a sudden I can't spell this week. Sorry you English majors!)

Pool Kick Ball


poo-ki-ba; sounds like "poo-key-bah"

Or does every one just think of something unpleaseant when you hear the sound "poo". How 'bout Winnie, he's not unpleasant. As a matter of fact, Pooh is awesome! Go Pooh!

Jay Are

8:44 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

i like Derek's "Blash" but we need to add the 'kick' factor...
so what about ... K'Blash!
(like ka-BLASH) ???

11:26 AM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

KABLASH it is!!!! dude. such wonderful responses. derek almost won since we all sort of called it "blash" on monday, but jill also sort of wins b/c blash just didn't seem right. but KABLASH is just the greatest. so you both win...and your prizes are...um...my undying affection? yep. good for you!

11:42 AM  

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