July 14, 2006


dude. the previous post is SO the reason i had the worst nightmare ever last night. chris and i have been staying with his parents until the exterminator got to our apartment. i had this dream that there were millions - literally - of spiders crawling all over the comforter of the bed we were sleeping in. i sat bolt right up in bed in the pitch black room and started shouting "they're all over me! they're everywhere!!!" chris was like "what?! what?!!!??!" i made him turn the light on b/c i thought it was real. i was sweating, trembling, and my heart was racing like crazy. holy cow!!! and thinking about it this morning, i really don't think i've ever had a dream that a) woke me up, and b) i thought was still going on after i was awake. it was awful. i hate spiders.

in other news, at 7am this morning, it was already so hot and sticky that it felt like the middle of the day. gross! i'm ready for fall...


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