July 13, 2006

desserts, traps and videos

ah, the perks of working at a school. we got an email from the food service girls yesterday asking if we would be available to taste some new desserts they ordered. available? heck yes i'm available!! we were eating desserts for an hour. oh my gosh. i feel like i can't breathe. some were disgusting - it was fun to say so, especially since no one present actually made them so we could freely say "GROSS!"

so we set out traps for our brown recluse and various other pests. this is what a full trap is supposed to look like. oh boy! i can't wait to get home to check them!!! it's kinda blurry b/c the original picture from the website is really tiny...i don't know how to make it smaller....and i was on the phone all morning with people about apartments for rent. yep.

i just watched the first draft of our free wedding video. OH MAN! the perks of being friends with the tech guy at work. we really didn't want anything frilly or fancy, and what he's put together is absolutely perfect. i'm so excited!!!!! it was WEIRD to watch us getting married...i mean, i remember getting married and stuff, but i don't really remember it, you know? i'm glad it didn't turn out blank...the audio recording did...ah well. such is life.


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