July 07, 2006

this is the day!

happy friday!!! today is the day that daniel and kirby say sacred vows under God to be joined together as one. HOORAY!!! this is daniel, his sister anna (she was in the play "annie" as a maid - she doesn't normally dress like that, or wear that much makeup!!) and kirby!!!

rehearsal was...well, it was rehearsal. i've never been to one that i wasn't involved in. but i think chris had a good time. and the dinner was absolutely wonderful!! good food, good company, good times. chris and i got to bed at like 12 last night so we're both already POOPED! and tonight after the reception, we're driving to atlanta to go shopping for STORAGE!! our apartment has 2 closets in our bedroom that are about 2 or 3 feet wide and THAT'S IT. well, except for a few kitchen cabinets and a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. we have no place to put sheets, towels, pots and pans, and yes, even tampons. no place for tampons???? what a tragedy. but i digress. so we're going to be double pooped when we get to atlanta tonight since the wedding doesn't start until 6:30. *whew* but we're going shopping at ikea and crate and barrel, and wherever else his brother wants to take us!!! so that's good. and we're going to see the new pirates of the caribbean movie!! HURRAH!!!

in other news, i thought i would share this picture. nice, beautiful, lovely shot of a lake...but keep looking. do you see the baby? whoa...AH! there it is!!! AAAAH!!!


Anonymous Jeni's Mom said...

You can store your sheets and pillow cases between the mattress and boxsprings.

12:36 PM  

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