July 10, 2006

ikea and coolers

daniel and kirby are married!!!! OH what a great wedding and beautiful couple!!! as soon as pictures are off of the camera and onto the computer, i shall post some pictures. my favorite part was the kiss (and all the ones to follow for pictures!) since she's 5'5" and he's 6'7". fabulous!!! they're in alcopulco, or however you spell that...

after the wedding, we spent the weekend in atlanta buying things!!! we went to ikea, and i left super impressed. i wasn't too crazy about the style of all the things they sell, but was more impressed with the layout and how it flows than anywhere else i've ever been. we were there for 3 hours...and if you know me at all, you'll know that i do NOT like to shop and being in one place for 3 hours was a humongous stretch...but i made it out still smiling!!! the Lord is good to give His Grace! anyway, the prices were AMAZINGLY affordable. if we ever buy a house and need new kitchen stuff - meaning cabinets, counter tops - or bathroom stuff, or anything, really, that's totally where we're going. we got a huge bookcase for $79 (even though it was supposed to be $59...yeah, we're working on getting a refund...or something) but it's awesome!!! and even though when we put it together, we put 2 of the 3 shelves in backwards so the side of the shelf shows raw naked wood as opposed to the lovely black-brown color, we still like it. *sigh* ah well. we'll figure something out to do with it. it was actually quite hilarious since we had so much fun putting it together and kept talking about how pleased we were with our selection and we finally got it upright all excited and our smiles just fell from our faces....then we started laughing hysterically. BUMMER!!!! :)

in other news, when we got home sunday afternoon (we missed church b/c of stupid construction on the freeway!!! oh how we wish we had stayed and taken colin and april to church instead...) the stuff in our freezer was all melted. "chris! the power has been out!" said lyndsay. we threw some stuff away and went and bought new stuff (milk and eggs and the like) thinking it would catch up after a few hours. his parents came over and helped us hang stuff on the walls (FINALLY!!!!) and it was SO much fun. they gave us this black and decker thing that detects studs in the walls - also electrical wires and metal - that also helps you hang things straight with a laser level. AWESOME! so we got stuff hung up and now the place looks WAY more like a place to live. it's going to be great when we get some more things to store stuff in so we can get everything off the floor.

his dad brought pizza when he went to get more hanging paraphenalia (and ice) (oh, and a flea bomb...but that's another blog entry....) and when we checked the freezer, everything was more melted. hmm....maybe it's dying! oh that would be bad. so we put everything important in the ice-filled cooler and hoped for the best.

this morning, the water in the ice cube trays was literally warm. not, like, heated-up-warm. but it was definitely room temperature...*sigh* chris called the landlord. we shall see what happens....


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