July 17, 2006

blessings abound

much like a horse, chris and i were spooked by the spider incident. the good news is that we have the most wonderful landlord in the world and she is doing everything in her power to quickly make the problem much better. the better news is that the exterminator doesn't think that bruce was a brown recluse, but he's sending him to get that verfified. the best news is that we're NOT moving!! yet, at least. we'll probably move from this apartment someday. just no time soon. halleluia! the Lord is so good to us. but we are moving things around and cleaning and putting spider-ish things that aren't used every day (ie, sheets, blankets, etc) in giant plastic bags. ever seen those giant ziploc bags? they're enormous!!! you can see that by the lovely picture provided. they're fun to use b/c they just zip right up!

anyway, this is not a commercial for ziploc...

in other news, homemade trail mix is the greatest stuff EVER! and it's even better if it's stored in a recycled jar. much like the one seen here. as you can see, this trail mix has cashew, almond, macadamia, brazil, wal-, and pea-nuts along with raisins and white chocolate chips. the only way to make it better would be to add craisins. oh boy! i sent carrie some with white and regular chocolate chips, and i must say that was also a delicious addition. it's definitely one of our greatest and latest inventions. mmm. good food. the Lord really is so good to us! taste buds! how glorious!!!

in more other news, i'm tired of sitting at my desk all day and getting sore legs and watching my hips and tummy grow. (NO i am NOT pregnant. i'm just getting fat. well, fat-er than i was 2 months ago...) i'm going to have to figure out some sort of exercise plan. should i go running during lunch? i would get DISGUSTINGLY sweaty in the heat. should i go running in between when i get off (4) and when chris gets off (445)? hmm...possibly. should i wake up earlier and go running in the morning? NO. we've been trying to go running when we get home in the late afternoons, but we usually wind up having to run (no pun intended) errands or meet people or do something. we must figure something out though since we've been married a month and a half and we've only exercised ONCE. *sigh* busy life. it sure is a good one though. again, the Lord is good to us!!!


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