July 23, 2008

pray against a chattanooga abortion clinic

i'm going to use my friend's words b/c i'm in a hurry to get home, but she pretty much sums it up. this is hard news - please join us as we pray against this!!

A few days ago, I received an email concerning the opening of an abortion
clinic in Chattanooga. To even speak this, makes me sick to my stomach! I have
since verified this information through several means, and found out, that there
is indeed a location, with an address, verified owner of the building and that
the 'company' who seeks to open this also has clinics in Knoxville and Raleigh.

I spoke with AAA Women's Services today and learned of how the abortion
clinic was closed down in 1985 in Chattanooga. There has NOT been one since. The
stories are amazing, miraculous and also heartbreaking. As concern grew in the
area, then, people took action through prayer, counseling, and money was raised
to purchase a particular building that became AAA Women's services. That story
in itself was miraculous. The heartbreaking part was that the two doctors who
performed abortions fell ill, and then died. I pray that they came to the Lord
before they died.

I feel strongly, VERY strongly, that if our brother's and sisters in this
region were aware that this was about to open, the Body of Christ in our region
would stand up against this.

I don't know how you are to be involved. Only the Lord can speak to your
heart concerning this. However, I do believe that our region is set apart for
various reasons of the Lord. I believe that this is an attempt to thwart God's
plans for our region. It is an act of satan!!!

I have contacted Family Action Council, on how we may be involved. I am waiting
to hear back from them. AAA told me that they are aware of this threat, and that
FACTN, can help concerned citizens with information on how to get involved:


Please, will you pray that this horrible clinic does NOT come to
Chattanooga. That the enemies plans are thwarted! Will you please share with
family and friends around you about what is attempting to come? Will you seek
the Lord to ask Him what you can do?

I personally feel so strongly about this, that if the Body stood up against
this, they would not open their doors!!!!!! We have authority in Jesus, and I
KNOW this is NOT in His heart.

The rumors have been on the news, in the paper and on the internet. Yet,
they aren't taking appointments, yet. (Rumors were August opening). Please pray
for the doctor, that he would repent, and understand that he or she participates
in murder. Right now, this thought just came to mind, that for us to pray that
the Lord would give this individual dreams about the babies and children playing
and that the doctor would see the childrens' destinies in his/her dreams!
Anything is possible with God!

I pray that the pastors of our region would quickly be informed of this
news, and that the Body of Christ would not sleep, but speak and declare truth,
love and hope!!!


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