July 09, 2008

new blogs and mysteries

i stumbled across this blog yesterday and haven't been able to do much else but read it - http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/. if you read it, you should scroll down and click on january and start from the beginning. it is such an amazing story of a christian family's walk through unimaginable pain. she is so open, so honest, such an encouragement!

i have just been a participant in the biggest mystery ever to take place on earth. we should enter it into unsolved mysteries! on friday, the 4th of july, chris and i were running late going up to be with my family for the july 4th parade - hooray!! i'll post some pictures soon. our "check engine" light came on, which never comes on, so we pulled over. the only thing either of us knows how to do is check the oil. so we did. and it was bone dry. we tried again. still bone dry. shoot! why didn't the "low oil" light come on?? so we called our friend nathan to come rescue us. our motorcycle riding savior came riding up about a half hour and two games of 20-questions later. he checked the oil and it was, of course, bone dry. so we added 4 quarts of oil which filled it up a bit too much, but that's better than bone dry. so we drove off and arrived to catch the last 50 feet of the parade and spent some good time with family.

on our way home, we were driving up a pretty steep piece of road and donovan (our car) started trembling and bright white smoke started pouring out the back, but it was really out of the hood, just streaming behind us. oh crap! we blew up donovan's engine!! long story short, we got him towed, and they finally called yesterday and said "nothing is wrong with your car except that there was 4 quarts too much oil in it....the check engine light came on because your gas cap wasn't screwed on tight enough" "excuse me? did exactly 4 quarts too much?"

weird and a half. and i mean, that's great that there's nothing wrong with him, but it feels weird that he was BONE DRY. i'm telling you. there was NO OIL in him. and i would be doubting myself more if nathan (the man who knows more about cars than any mechanic in chattanooga) hadn't checked it too.

weird. weird. weird.

i have an announcement to make: never take your car to may brothers automotive in chattanooga. they charged us $77 just to change the oil and reset the computer to make the check engine light go away. seventy-seven dollars. GROSS.

we close on our house in about 2 weeks. AMAZING! once we're settled, we're getting internet b/c chris will need it for his work, which means i'll be able to put a bit more thought into my posts. huzzah!

jeni! you tagged me to post the contents of my purse, which i'm trying to do, but blogger won't let me post pictures right now. i know not what is the matter. i will do it soon.... :)

have you gotten ben shive's album yet? we didn't listen to it for about a month, and then put it on a few days ago and it was like having an old friend over for tea. it's just a marvelous piece of work. seriously. http://www.rabbitroom.com/

oh and you'll notice the new blog url. i've been wanting to change it for a while, and chris might be posting some, so now it's OUR blog. so there. :)


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