June 02, 2008


for anyone who doesn't know, jency is my best friend, nathan is chris' best friend, and they got married on saturday!! (as we say - how convenient for us!!:) the day could not have been more perfect. the only time i've ever been happier was on my own wedding day!!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! i'm sure more pics will make their way here soon!!!

a very handsome and beaming nathan walking his proud mama down the aisle.

proudest matron of honor EVER!!!

the flower girls!! little catie needed her daddy's help...:)

pretty maids all in a row!

i've never seen a prouder papa!!!

have you ever seen anyone more BEAUTIFUL than this girl???

the vows.

we had the honor of praying over them. laura ruth's (aka, my crying buddy) tears kept landing on my arm as i was praying. it might have been my favorite part of the ceremony... :,)

the kiss...the very, very, very looooong kiss!!!!!

the hug!!

the pronouncement!! (it looks like i'm dancing, but i'm probably just itching a biting fly away....aw nevermind. i AM dancing!!! :) :) :)

mr. and mrs. nathan and jency shirai!!! (notice me leaning on laura for support!!)

SOOOO happy!!!! (i was absolutely bawling....)

laura ruth is GORGEOUS!

sister sarah and brother ted!!


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