April 21, 2008


"i have never had this much fun playing a board game". hyped up marketing on the quelf website? ABSOLUTELY NOT! it is the only way i can describe my experience with QUELF. we played last night for about 3 hours and i did NOT want it to end. i cannot wait to post pictures and i HOPE i can get the videos to work...if we can find our camera cord. an example card:
"Put your forefingers in your ears, your thumbs in your mouth and your
pinky fingers in your nostrils. Once everything is in place, you must say the
following at the top of your voice: Feels good, don't it!?' If you successfully
complete this card, pick one opponent to repeat the stunt. If they fail, they
must pay the penalty [move back 2 spaces]."

last night (when brian turned into frankenstein and had to answer his ringing phone [not part of the game - just good fortune!]) was the hardest i have laughed since high school. you simply must buy the game. you will LOVE it.


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