April 04, 2008


i truly believe that i am fearfully and wonderfully made. and i trust that God has given humans the ability to learn about the body and treat it accurately and effectively. but who in the WORLD came up with dilating eyes?!?! all i want to do is crawl under a rock and sleep for a week. this is not me, but a random picture from the internet, but it's definitely what my eyes look like right now. my eye appointment was almost like being in hell. (not that i've been there...) i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate eye drops. i hate putting anything in my eye for any reason, and i had to have FOUR eye drops! (that's eight total) one to numb me for the glaucoma test, two to dilate me, and one more to reverse the dilation. suddenly i can't read anything. everything is cloudy white and i'm struggling to keep my eyes open. not b/c i'm tired, but b/c they feel so weird....BLEH! i hate this!!!! it's also weird b/c she told me that i shouldn't be wearing reading glasses. but i need them! but you don't. but i do! but you shouldn't. she said eye fatigue is a sign of dry-eye, so guess what she gave me to see if i can stop using the readers? eye drops. JOY! sigh. grumble. pout. AGONY!!!!!!

in other news, it's friday, and that is good.


Blogger Muddy said...

I hear ya on the eye drops and eye dilation. It is torture! Pure torture to me. The aftermath is horrible. I walk around for a good part of the rest of the day feeling sleepy and everything out of focus. Fortunately it passes (eventually-in six to seven hours for me), but until that time, I am stuck.

Did they test your eyes for reading btw or just say you didn't need them? Do your eyes feel strained when you read for a while and does your head hurt without the eye glasses?

1:24 PM  
Blogger Muddy said...

PS, muddy is me, Kitty from Andyland

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