March 27, 2008


caroline is my new sister in law - she married chris' brother two weekends ago!! (pictures to come - i promise!) last night, caroline's sister found her 3 year old son at the bottom of their pool. his heart had stopped, but the paramedics were able to get a heartbeat back. as of this morning, he's stable in the icu. THANK YOU GOD FOR ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS WITH A BIG YES!!! (i tossed and turned and had horrible dreams last night because until this morning, we thought he had died...)

he's in an induced coma, and they're going to do an mri today to assess the damage done from lack of oxygen. please pray. pray for our papa God to supply little andrew all he needs to recover from this scary situation. as one of my friends said, "our God could have provided oxygen to that little boy's brain no matter how long he was under. He IS faithful!" please pray for elena (caro's sister) to have peace unspeakable, for her to turn to the giver of life and all good things, for her and the whole family to have increased faith. God works in mysterious (sometimes scary and infuriating) ways, but He is sovereign. i know He is. He has GOOD plans for all of us. i know He does!! please pray that their family will know He is too!! even during earthly tragedy!

as of 3/28, andrew is stable and his mri and eeg have returned positive results! ALL PRAISE TO GOD WHO REIGNS ON HIGH. He has answered our prayers! may He get all the glory and thanks!!

from andrew's mom:

For those of you who have heard my youngest son, Andrew, had a tragic
accident on Wednesday. He nearly drowned in our pool. I pulled him
out and with the help of our neighbor, a neonatal nurse, performed CPR. He
was lifelited to a children’s hospital here in Atlanta. It has been the
longest 32 hours of my life ever. This is the most horrific, tragic and
sad event that I or my family have ever been through. Right now I pray for
my little boy, his Daddy and my other two children. I will continue to
pray for them and the other families out there that have gone through this as
well as for the other families out there that I hope never go through

Thank you to all of you who have prayed with us, THE LORD IS SO
GREAT! We knew that whatever road we were faced with, it would be the one
that God had chosen for us. He has a divine plan that we all play into and
I am eager to know what I can do next to serve him. I pray and look
forward to watching my son get better and also serve our Lord in whatever way he
is asked.

We don’t know a a whole lot right now, but this is what we do know.
He heart rate is stable. His breathing is controlled by a ventilator until
he can begin to breathe on his own. He had an MRI done that revealed no
damage to his brain! Praise GOD! Again, thank you for your prayers-
He hears us! We are waiting for him to regain consciousness from the drug
induced coma. If that does not occur tonight, he will be re-sedated and we
will try again tomorrow. It is vital at this time that I give all of my
attention and strength to my little one. I appreciate all of your thoughts
and concerns but please bear with us and give our family some space to get
through this difficult time. It is so encouraging to hear kind thoughts
and prayers, but we just don’t have the time to respond to everyone.
Please know that we thank you and appreciate your efforts and when the time is
right we will communicate to everyone. At this time my Best friend Bre
Anne is aware of everything that is going on and is updated almost immediatly
after I am. Please do not hesitate to email her (no. 1 on my friends list)
or call her for those of you that have her number. She will make sure that
everyone is kept informed.

Please leave me emails or comments as it helps to boost my spirits. I love to hear from everyone sharing their love and support for my little man Andrew!

Thank you again from the depths of my heart. He has benefited from
your strength, faith and prayers.


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