February 27, 2008

i've been saved by my pinchers of power!

the goonies. i feel confident in saying that it is one of the BEST movies ever made. the dialog, acting (well, most of the time), sets and scenery, story line, everything is outstanding!!! we were going to rent it and watch it the other night because nathan has never seen it...pity. on the way to rent it, we decided that was foolishness. so we just bought it. (hooray!) we watched it, and it was bliss.

the princess bride. i feel confident in saying that it is one of the BEST movies ever made. (again? YES!) EVERYTHING is outstanding. one of the local theaters here showed it monday and tuesday night, and i went to see it with some friends. brilliant! people in the audience were snickering and quoting under their breath even before the actual quotes would happen. it was SO much fun.

i got to watch two fantastic movies in the same week! watching movies as an adult that you watched regularly as a child is really interesting. you pick up on new things, understand the plot better, and now i always think "what great writing!" or "what great acting!" the movie that made me realize how good it is to watch childhood movies later in life was mary poppins. i never understood the underlying theme of being a good parent...i just liked the magic of the movie as a child! but it's a really, really well-written movie with an amazing moral.

in other news, please pray for a nameless family. (i don't know their last name!) one of the two just-out-of-college guys that lived upstairs in our building, who had been best friends for years from what we understand, (which is really just a house turned into a few apartments, so we know everyone) died. it's been so much more emotional than i ever thought it would be. we just haven't wanted to be in the apartment, so we've actually been staying with our parents the past couple of nights. sheesh. police were at our place when we got home (like, 7 cars!) and we thought it was a drug bust b/c one of them was sitting in the back of a police car with his face in his hands. but when the cops came and asked us questions at around 11:30, they told us that someone passed away upstairs. when we asked if it was one of the two guys, one of them said "if you look around, you can figure it out..." the one guy is right there, and the other guy's truck it parked on the street...yeah. it was him. when they left, we both fell on our faces and bawled - i mean bawled - for about a half hour. (i still have little blood blisters on the skin around my eyes from crying so hard with my head down....that's never happened before...hello makeup!!!) anyway, i'm really worn out emotionally...why didn't we reach out to him more like we said we were going to? why didn't we invite him to church like we said we were going to at least once a month? what if? why? what if? why??!! oh holy and sovereign God, reach down and pour grace and mercy on his family and friends, and on his roommate (who probably found him dead....)

take this away - when you feel a little urge to do something for someone that seems to be good, but you feel like resisting it because it either takes you out of your comfort zone, or it takes away from time that seems so precious, just suck it up and do it. you really never know how much time anyone has on this earth. it's real. and when it hits, it's really weird. we pull in our driveway and see his truck still parked there, and it's like "weird..." regret...guilt....hope.....peace.

this is the day that the Lord has made. go and rejoice and be glad in it!!!


Anonymous gutecole said...

Praying for peace and grace for the family and for the two of you. The "what if..." game is a difficult road to go down after the fact (I know because I have been there). Peace in Christ.

7:24 PM  
Blogger angelonwheels said...


You don't know me, but I am a friend of Jennifer Hand's and also head the prayer team for AAA Women's Services, which I believe you recently signed up for! I'll be praying for you and thanks!

1:23 PM  
Blogger Elisa M said...

I recently suffered the loss of my fiance to suicide, and as much as you want to say "why didn't I, would this have changed if..", you have to force yourself to see that even this is God's plan, although it is so hard to understand and those questions will haunt you. Part of that is evil trying to wear you down. resist. I am praying for the family.
I did not intend on this comment to be so strong, I just know those feelings and they are terrible. I am praying for you as well.
(I am elisa from Cheap women, btw)

2:01 AM  

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