December 30, 2007

no more

so, i haven't updated my blog in forever. i guess i'm joining the club with basically all my blogging friends. i guess i haven't had much to say lately...

it's been a good christmas break, but i got WAY too much stuff. why do we as americans think that owning STUFF is a good and desirable thing. of course, with that said, would i give up my kitchen-aid mixer, sewing machine or dansko clogs? nope. i love them all and can't wait to make them a part of my every-day life. yeah, that's right. i got a mixer and a sewing machine for christmas, and i'm HAPPY about it. i told chris all i needed was a vacuum cleaner and i would be truly domestic. oh well...

stop hanging out on the internet and go spend time with the people in your life. even if they annoy you. you both have things to contribute to each other's lives. no really. go. :)

oh okay fine - here's a couple of pictures...:) i don't have any from the walker christmas on the computer yet...*sigh* soon...

me with my sewing machine...:) :) :) it. is. perfect. and so simple! i've already played with it (i made a star-shaped pin cushion!!) if you need me to sew anything, just let me know!!!

the father-in-law with the AXE we got him!!!

the mother-in-law got prescription sunglasses - this was just a notification that she could pick out her own!! HAH! and look at beautiful nana in the background!! :)

chris got PLANET EARTH for christmas!! HOORAY!!! :) we've been watching it ever since. it's AMAZING!!!

we're all opening our stockings. notice the necklaces that caroline and i have on - both from World Next Door!!!! WAHOO!!

december 25 is also my father-in-law's birthday, and he got a little crazy before opening presents....this is apparently "mister napkin head" and is supposedly from a movie. i think there was something in his iced actually frightened me! ACK!

we got him snowshoes to hang up in the cabin. she really did like them even though this expression doesn't reflect it! sorry mil!!! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Lyndsay and Chris!!!

Great pictures... you know, I am REALLY wanting to learn to sew... :) someday, one day, I really want to learn to run a sewing machine. All the other stuff, I can catch onto...

I hope that you all enjoyed all your fellowship with friends and family around the celebration of Jesus.

With Love,

8:03 PM  

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