October 30, 2007


those of you who are faithful "staying the course" readers may have heard me ramble about National Novel Writing Month before. well, it begins on wednesday, and i just don't know what to do. i mean, i say i'm busier than busy and have no time to do anything but work and be a wife, but i REALLY want to do nanowrimo. my first year was in 2004 and i WON! (thank you carrie!!!) 2005 and last year i just sort of peetered out for various reasons, and i HATED it. i want to win again. i want to get 50,000 words out there in some sort of story form or fashion. I WANT TO WRITE! *sigh* i will confess that if i do it, i will more than likely cheat and use the 6K or so words i already have on the story i was working on last year. big deal. it's not like the nanowrimo police will come after me or something.

so anyway, who's with me??? come on! i know someone out there has always wanted to write a novel. and if "no time" is your excuse, then i will tell you that it's proven that people with "less time" actually prove to be more productive in the process. it's true. you have less time to procrastinate, and if you set your mind to it, all sorts of time suddenly appears for you to work on it! so COME ON!!! sign up, create a profile on the nanowrimo website to motivate yourself, and let's get going!!! WAHOO!!!!


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