July 27, 2007

man weekend

so chris was gone last weekend with a bunch of his guy friends. he took pictures half the time, and jeremiah took pictures the other half. he just sent four of the amazing pictures that jeremiah took (chris has some stinking amazing ones too, but i don't have them here at work) and i thought i would post them. these are places that i've never been up in the mountains, but i really, really want to go!! especially the place where they're all floating along!! i don't like murky water, but i think i would make an exception for that! it looks amazing!!!! click on the pictures to make them bigger. they're all "framers". oh man. i need some new picture frames...

i especially love this - it looks like a scene out of a movie. and this is actually the river that was in "deliverance", but it's not the exact spot. maybe i'll shoot my next film here...

bobbing along! bobbing along! on the surface of the beautiful craggy stream!!!!


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