July 16, 2007

georgia aquarium

oh how i wish i could more easily post pictures...alas, our new apartment doesn't have internet, (which is actually a good thing!!) and i never bring my camera to work. but i burned some pictures on a cd to send to my bro-in-law, so here are some highlights from the GA aquarium from a few weeks ago when we went to visit colin and caroline.

beluga whales!! they look like angels b/c they're so white and so graceful. they had to tear chris and me away from the tank!!!

this was the looooong underwater hallway that i almost panicked in because it was so crowded. sheesh! half of it was a moving sidewalk-type thing, and half of it the people had to walk through. the lady overlooking that part of the aquarium kept shouting over the loudspeaker in a not-so-kind tone "PLEASE KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!" it really added to the experience...*sheesh*

my favorite picture from the tunnel. awesome!
one of the whale sharks!!! my goodness they're big.

here's an idea of how big the tank and groupers were in comparison to the people standing in front of the tank. the tank was about 5 times bigger than our camera could capture. it was AWESOME. and the huge groupers literally just sat there and stared out at the people. the four of us cracked up a number of times by making them talk. "duh...." and stuff like that. it was hilarious at the time. we just sound like idiots when i type about it. oh well...

and here's another good shot of the whale shark - he was SO BIG!!!


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