July 05, 2007

hiding place

we went up to the mountain last weekend, and it was SO FUN! it was the mother in law's birthday, and the kids went swimming on sunday. which translates into the boys went swimming, the girlfriend took a nap on the rocks, and the wife (that's me) took pictures. i've never liked merky (is that spelled right?!) water...

this is a little spot that we've been to multiple times on the way up to the highlands. it's SO fun! here's the leaping place.

here's the slide. if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see chris yellling at colin...or something! we're not sure what was going on!!

and here's the crawl...

to get in "the spa"!! the looks on their faces is CLASSIC. this picture is currently the background on my computer. the water actually looks a lot bigger and overpowering than it is. i mean, it IS big, but not as big as this picture makes it look! and apparently, the water is rushing over you so fast that you must tie the drawstring on your swim trunks OR ELSE! and i'm pretty sure they know that from experience from the past few years! haha!

we took more pictures, but these are all i have on my computer at work. more to come later!! (maybe much later...we don't have internet at home anymore...which is actually a wonderful thing! less time surfing and wasting time, more time together and doing productive, edifying things!)


Blogger Beth said...

Oooh!!!! The Hiding Place!! Hope House!!! (beth sits and reminices). I do so miss those mountains!! And it's "murky" water, with a U. :)

4:11 PM  

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