June 26, 2007

living in chaos

WHEW. if all goes as planned and at the same speed we've been going this week, we'll be completely out of the old apartment tonight. which means we'll have all of wednesday, thursday and friday to CLEAN IT UP. i'm seriously considering entering this old apartment in the guiness book of world records for the amount of dust bunnies it currently houses. it's really quite gross.

and have i mentioned the giant holes that i made in the plaster wall? i thought i could hang a shelf with those springing-screws (to which someone replied to me one day "oh, you mean those ones that don't work on plaster walls?" yes, thanks. those.) they're both about 1/2 inch across, and i'm nervous about trying to fix them myself. i mean, i thought i could hang the shelf. if i think i can fix the holes, will i just wind up with as big a mess or bigger than i have now?!?!? *sigh* we'll see...

and since we're still getting CRAP out of the old apartment, we haven't taken any time or energy to arrange or put away things in the new apartment. so we're living in madness, but it's really fun!

oh and to update the previous post, i said that the den is slightly smaller than our old one, which may be true, but the way it's laid out, it seems bigger with more space. go figure. this new place is truly amazing!

remember to pray for jency! they're well into their 4-weeks in india. tomorrow (which tonight starts around 10pm est - india is 9.5 hours ahead of us) is when they start going into the brothels to meet with/love on/pray with and for the women who "work" there. big stuff. God is much, much bigger.


Blogger The Trone's: James, Misty, and Bella Grace said...

i found your blog from the owens new blog. i just had to say hello to you. it looks like you are just so happy! so great to see you!

1:50 PM  

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