June 08, 2007

just keeps going, and going, and going...

guess what we're doing in this picture....writing thank you notes!!! still. yes, we have broken the rule of finishing thank you notes within the year. we wrote a TON right after the wedding, and then we sort of went, "eh, the rest are close friends and family...we'll do 'em later...." well, now we're panicking. as of today, we have 18 left and have divided them between us. and the funny part is that we forced ourselves to say that we would take them to the cabin with us (going up this weekend!!) if we didn't finish them this week...so we're going to attempt to write them all during lunch today. and quite frankly, i'm pretty sure i can write 9 in an hour while eating lunch, but chris is a bit slower than i am...so i'll probably drive to the mountain so he can write. or something.

in other news, i'm going back to the chiropractor. thank you to everyone who gave me advice and your experiences and tips and prayers - i really think it's going to "fix" me. it's bizarre - to have constant pain and to be unable to lift things (even not-heavy ones) wihout being in pain, and suddenly being able to carry the groceries in. i walked in the other day with some groceries and chris jumped up to help me and i said "no thanks. i'm busy carrying heavy things!!!" then i cried....anyway, they have all these pamphlets for different symptoms and how/why chiropractic will repair the damage that has caused those symptoms. the one on arm/shoulder/neck pain is ME. entirely, totally and completely me and my symptoms...amazing. i'm hopeful! (even though last night and today have been super painful - which he says is normal, and even common, since things are moving around that haven't moved in quite a while...) some other symptoms that can be caused by a "subluxated" spine (that just means the vertebrae are out of line) are allergies, digestive problems, sciatica, migraines - all stuff that a lot of my friends and family have!! BAH! everyone should go to the chiropractor!! (hah! i've gone from running the opposite direction to telling everyone to go!!)

must go finish packing!! happy weekend!

quote of the week: "yes you do, my little golden robot princess!" -chris to lyndsay when she asked if the way she was walking made her look like C3PO.


Blogger Allison said...

Ah! Someone else! I had SO many thank you's to write (500+)...I actually finished them RIGHT AT one year-- it was a present to my mom, really.

Of course, 4 years later, I found a box under our bed with about 20 notes written to people whose addresses I didn't have....and I just threw them away. I sort of felt bad at the moment, but then figured it was easier than tracking down all those addresses (mostly through my mom) and finding them. Anyway, I figure the pple probably thought they were lost in the mail, right? Right?! Shhhh...don't tell!

12:06 PM  
Blogger lyndsayslaten said...

I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* thank you so much allison. seriously. i was still carrying around this feeling of guilt and embarrassment! just knowing that other people do it - other SMART people! - makes my day.

how's parenthood?!?!? :)

8:27 AM  

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