May 28, 2007

pirates of the caribbean: at wits end

i absolutely adored the first pirates of the caribbean. i'm not a big movie person in the first place, so for me to actually own a movie means a heck of a lot. and i begged for it on dvd when it came out - that's how much i liked it. the second one was okay...i reeeeaallly liked the ending when barbossa re-appeared and crunched down on the apple! i wasn't really looking forward to the third one too terribly much just because i'm not too big of a fan of big, intense, high-action movies on the big screen lately. they're too big for me or something. i have to get up and go stand in the side aisle so i can move around. (during the new superman, i was literally jumping around...) but chris really wanted to see it, so we went last night. i want to find the people who put their stamp of approval on this film and demand my lost three hours of life back. IT WAS HORRIBLE. not only was the plot was impossible to follow, it was the stupidest one i've ever experienced, the jokes and wit were so old and so overdone that they just made me mad, the script was so poorly written that i literally cried a FEW times out of sheer disgust that money was spent on it, and so on. the only redeeming factors were that the costumes were pretty stinking awesome, the acting was pretty good and the special affects were okay. but with everything else being so stinky, even those things left me yawning and literally fighting off sleep.

i really like kiera knightly, or however you spell her name. i loved her in the first one as an english belle turned psuedo-tough girl. but as a pirate and butt-kicker? i didn't buy it. and her motivational speech was when i cried in pain the hardest. come on!

but enough about the horrible movie. what's even worse than that is that i'm at work today. "what? but it's memorial day!!" yeah. i know. *sigh* [lyndsay takes a deep breath] guess i'll at least make it a good one and get some work done...feel free to drop by and help me file my 6-month old pile of filing....


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