May 24, 2007


oh my word, it's getting harder and harder to sit here every day! the weather is breathtakingly beautiful, the students are in exams so they're not even here all day, my bosses keep leaving early to go to various sporting events on campus, birds are singing and teaching their babies how to fly - it's great!!

my new wonderful habit is FINALLY becoming a consistent habit - i use my lunch break to walk/run and then grab quick lunch to eat at my desk. OH! it's great. especially lately. see above paragraph. yes, i'm slightly sweaty and gross afterwards, but i don't care. i read an article that said that if you walk slow for 1 minute and walk fast for 2 minutes, and then repeat that process several times for about 30 minutes, that it produces more fat-burning cells than if you just walk or just run. amazing!! the first time i tried it i decided to run slow for 2 minutes and run fast for 1 minute, and the next day, i could barely walk! so then i decided to forget about minutes b/c it's hard to read my stopwatch while i'm running around anyway, so now i'm walking fast for a half lap and then jogging for a half lap over and over again. it's great!! and so much less boring than just going at the same pace. next week i'm going to try to jog a whole lap, walk a half lap, jog a whole lap, etc...we'll see. i'm not doing this to lose weight, by the way. (if i lost too much, i'd be in trouble...) i'm doing it to be healthy - healthy heart, healthy bones, healthy lungs, etc...i don't want to be a sluggish mom WHEN we have kids WAY in the future. no, i am not pregnant...

in other news, my hair is short again. yes, i'm talking about the deep things in life. i hacked it off so that it barely fits in a ponytail...i think i'm wishing i had let it grow, but what's done is done. it's kind of fun for a change at least.

chiropractor update: i talked to my doctor about not feeling too comfortable with the whole cracking of the neck three times a week and then once a week for the rest of my life thing, and he was like "yeah...don't do that..." and he said i need to get an mri. well, the more i prayed about it, talked to people about it, mulled over it, and realized that, um...well, quite frankly, i have less pain for the first time in THREE YEARS since seeing him ONE TIME, i think, um...well, i think i might go back. i'm going to wait until monday to make the final decision though. oh, but i was scheduled to have an mri today, and i cancelled it. yep. the chiropractor and my doctor both said that even if something showed up on the mri, seeing the chiropractor wouldn't hurt it more. so...we'll see.

in more other news, did you know they now make caffeine free dr pepper?!?!? i'm in heaven. i adore dr pepper, and since not being able to have caffeine (it makes my heart go crazy), i haven't had it in years. but i'm drinking one right now!! lovely!!!

oh yeah! the real reason i'm posting now is to announce that AARON HICKS HAS A BLOG!!! i can't believe it. but what i'm even more astounded at is that HE HAS TWO KIDS!!! wow. michelle had precious little palmer wesley yesterday!! their gorgeous little natalie seems to be doing really well too. he's got a lot of pictures and videos of her up there. i have yet to see the videos since i'm unable to watch them at work and i keep forgetting to watch them at anyway, welcome to the blogging world, mr hicks. keep it real. :)

i must leave. chris and i are going to the fabulous tennessee aquarium again this afternoon. we renewed our membership so we can go as much as we want!!! and we added the feature for $25 extra bucks to be able to take a guest with us for free!! GROOVY!! we went there yesterday with nathan, and as we stood in front of the giant tank in the dim lights, i said "man. we need to do this every day after work". chris just sighed "yeah..." since renewing our membership last week, i think this is our third or fourth time to go. we love it.

happy thursday!!


Blogger Lisa Holloway said...

re: chiropractic
I highly recommend you give it a chance, and here's a few reasons why...a Chiropractor is not going to heal you or fix your problem, your body was beautifully designed to think, move, feel, and heal itself. A Chriopractor is there to help that natural process without invasive or foreign chemical substances. If they claim otherwise, that's too bad. As for the 3x a week, well sometimes that has to happen (temporarily) to get your injured body on track and provide consistant freedom of the joints, then absolutely monitor progress and let up on the amount of visits. We need to move to survive, therefore our joints and muscles need to move. If you are restricted or in pain in any way, in may be to your benefit to get someone to provide movement and relief (like a chiropractor). Chiropractic should not be a stronghold or a number of visits, it is a unique form of care, that when done properly is quite effective. There IS such thing as a beginning, end, and even "maintenance" (kind of like a dentist checkup) to chiropractic care. I wish you well with your care, and hope that this guy can truly help your body heal itself!

12:41 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Hey Lindsay, I just wanted to say hey and I hope things are going well for you. Thanks for the comments you left on my blogsite, it was cool to see that you had visited (but get to a place to watch the videos, they're really sweet!) Also, I may be coming to Chatanooga on the weekend on June 8th, it's definetly not for sure, but I will let you know, maybe we can get together if I make it up. Later, Aaron

7:14 PM  

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