April 28, 2007

more random updates!

dad blowing bubbles at my 28th birthday party at coolidge park!!!!! i bought this giant bubble thing for $1 at walmart, and we had fun. dad and gege were almost interpretive dancing with it...

see? man i wish i could post the video...it was HILARIOUS! gege was concentrating SO HARD!!!

the family wanted just the two of us in a picture...but look at ALL their shadows!!!

homemade cheesecake that mom made was beyond divine...and an awesome metal bird that laura gave me!!

forrest, chris and i spontaneously went to the lookouts game afterwards!!!! the sign outside the stadium said "first 25 cent night!" so we thought we could get in for 25 cents...but it was really 25 cent concession stand night...but forrest paid our $4 each anyway. thanks bro!!

the next weekend at hiding place for moving stuff in...dk and gaye really liked the fritos with cream cheese...HAH! (don't hate me m.i.l.!!!)

we had so much fun. at hiding place was the slatens plus jency, and at hope house was dk, ann, jane and david!! it was the best weekend! we all went to devotional rock - yes, there is a new platform/gazebo/deck thing built there, but it's actually really cool!! - and had a little sunday morning service with a message from ann and music with chris and his guitar. but before that, we got a picture of the "braid clan" - the three on the left - and the "claw clan" the three on the right!!!!

here's everyone (except chris who was taking it!) at devotional rock!!!


Blogger Emily said...

No I don't hate you ( see previous post to find out how i REALLY feel about you), however...i will never eat in front of you again!

8:23 AM  

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