April 03, 2007

304 days!!

10 months today people. i can't believe it's been that long!!!! WAHOO!!

in other news, if you get oil-based primer all over yourself, don't use potential hazardous paint thinner to get it off, cheap as it is. just rub vegetable oil (like canola) in it like lotion for a few minutes and then wash it off with soap and water. you may have to repeat the process once or twice, but my oh my! it works!! and you're left with silky smooth hands afterwards!! one of our pastors is completely re-doing a house he bought, and we helped paint yesterday. well, we helped prime yesterday. they told me afterwards that oil based stuff is almost impossible to get off. thanks guys. and i had to sit in the car with plastic sheeting wrapped around my shorts b/c i sat in the stuff. yay.

but the highlight of the evening was when my foot caught the edge of the paint tray. i looked back in a panic to see if i had done any damage. the tray was sitting upright like it was supposed to, but my foot had succesfully dumped its contents in its entirety onto the hardwood floor. no, we didn't have it on the plastic sheeting. *sigh* as chris said to robby (the pastor) when he came up there, i said "words you can't say from the pulpit". thank you LORD that it was literally the one room in the house that they hadn't sanded the floors on yet!!!! so after actually using the spilled primer to paint the walls a bit and robby's terpentining it all away, all is well, and it's actually the cleanest spot on the floor. sheesh i'm clumsy. we really should have taken pictures.


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