March 13, 2007

ode to the scary trolldragon

carrie rollwagen's just the best!
she's always super cool.
her friendship is like a carrie-fest;
over superbness she does rule!

carrie today is twenty-eight.
that's not quite forty-six.
i bet today she's feeling great
and not all down in the sticks.

her creativity is second to none.
her laughter is contagious.
as for awesomeness, she's number one!
she's brave and so courageous.

i miss her almost every day.
i miss my old roommate.
my loyalty to her no one can sway.
for our next visit i cannot wait!

if i could wish her one great thing,
i tell you what i'd say.
i'd pray for peace and everything
that God can send her way!

i mailed her gift with the wrong address.
it was returned to me.
i keep forgetting it! it's bringing stress!
patient i hope she will be.

i hope the address this time's not wrong -
to the post office i'll be scrambling!
this birthday rhyme is getting long,
i'm pretty good at rambling.

so today, dear carrie, today, my friend
i hope today is hearty.
have lots of fun, and don't pretend!
party!! party!! party!!!!!


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