February 11, 2007

restful sunday

happy sunday! we went hiking at signal point together today. it felt so good to actually do something active. and right now chris is playing on the train with nathan again (this time he took lots of snacks, cards and a book! hah!) so i have time to post some pictures. aren't you excited??? i like em. here we are looking cute. isn't he cute?! :) this is my new favorite picture of us.

on the way to "our rock", there's this giant boulder with a pathway through it - kind of like fat-man's squeeze at rock city. here's christopher looking angelic (b/c of the light shining through...) and peeking at me.

a view through the trees on the way down. good stuff! it is a totally clear-blue-sky day, and the sun was shining brightly down on the beautifully sparkling water. i wanted to be riding in a canoe or something down in it!

here's the view looking toward the mountain from "our rock". it's "julia falls" with ice at the bottom! awesome! i hope you can see it alright...it's just of far away. i didn't take a picture of the gorge - just a little video, and i don't know how to post videos, although i think i could if i knew how...hmm...

anyway, we sat there for about a half hour trying to just be still. i mean, our bodies were very still, but our minds were just racing. and then we just wound up talking about how hard it is to be still, which wasn't being still...round and round. oh well. God's doing great things in our lives. He is so good to us.


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