January 24, 2007

a whole new world

raise your hand if you're a Christian. (lyndsay raises her hand) i'm learning lately that just saying that i'm a Christian isn't enough. i mean, just to say that Jesus is the son of God is to do what the demons do ("...and they shudder..."). i must claim Him as my Lord and Savior and follow His teachings - really follow His teachings and know His word - the Bible! why do i not take Him seriously?! have you ever really thought about the fact that we can pray any time we want to? i mean honestly - the God of the universe has invited us to an open conversation at any moment of any given time. i'm learning that the fact that i know His Good News and saving grace and mercy, it is my duty and privilege to share it with others. not only by praying for others to know Him and His grace and love, but by showing others grace and mercy. the guy that asks for money at the corner? offer to take him to lunch with a smile and a handshake. yeah, maybe food isn't what he's really after, but when was the last time someone said anything other than "i don't have any money!" or "here..." and mindlessly shoved a few cents into his palm. i'm not preaching to you...i'm preaching to me. i go around on this earth so terrified (truly) that i'm going to do something wrong, make the wrong decision, say something that offends someone else, that i forget to live this life God has given me. why is it that i haven't talked to anyone about Jesus that didn't already know about Him? i might argue that i haven't been in that situation. well, why don't i put myself in that situation?! why do i not talk to anyone about Him at work or when we're out with friends? because i don't want or let anyone know me - i don't really talk about anything, really.

i'm just bummed (that is such a dumb and insufficient word...) that the church - THE THING that God has given the world to spread His love and Good News - is so lazy and cold to all that's going on in the world around them. Jesus wasn't like that! Jesus was out and all up in people's business! Jesus wouldn't have had pot luck dinners with all of His followers every single week. once in a while, sure. but when most of our time is spent huddled together in our comfortable and warm little congregations, i wonder what He would say if He were to walk in the room.

the church i grew up in is going through a major historical change this weekend. it's pcusa, and the session/elders are unanimous in calling for a congregational vote to leave the pcusa and join the epc (evangelical pres). the fact that the session was unanimous is in itself a miracle! i have one word: FINALLY!! the pcusa has been blatantly and directly going against the teachings of the Bible for a LONG time now. for a while, our church was called to stand as a light in a dark world, but now the denomination has just gone too far (they claim that Jesus isn't the only way to heaven, that the Bible is fallible, praying to other gods and goddesses is okay and even encouraged, etc...) we desperately need to get out. if you are offended by reading this, i really am sorry and mean you no harm. but honestly, if you're going to claim to be a follower of Jesus' teachings, why would you ever follow "some" and not "all" of His teachings?! (read revelation lately?) i feel like a lot of "Christians" of today pick and choose which commands and teachings they want to follow. for example, a friend at work said to me that he wasn't sure if he was going to go back to church b/c he has some "weird beliefs". when i asked him what they were, he said "i don't think you're going to go to hell for having sex before you're married," and then smiled really big, "because i like having sex before i'm married!" translated: Jesus' teachings are okay, but i'm going to ignore the ones that interfere with my personal life and make me change or go against what my natural desires lead me to do. (ie, i don't want to stop sinning) dude. COME ON!!!! if you had a kid and he was like "um, nah. i don't think i'll obey you this time." no matter what it was - cleaning up their room or not running in the street - you better discipline the crap out of him b/c he's too young to understand what's best for him, right? i see no difference in us (children of God) obeying His commands.

that does not mean that's it's always going to be easy or fun to do. i was not put on this earth to judge you or anyone else, so please don't take this post that way. i am no where close to perfect or together. but i'm sick and tired of the church making excuses for their sin. why don't they just fess up, call it sin, confess it, and repent?! seriously. that word has gotten just a bad rap because of the people that march around and shout "repent! the end is near!" and get written off as a crazy person. all it means is to turn away from the bad stuff and turn TO Jesus. (turning from one bad thing to another bad thing isn't repentance...)

man. i rambled. i just needed to get it out.

so if you think about it, please pray for our pastor and church, especially this coming sunday, jan 28.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you lyndsay! the Truth isn't ramble so... praise God that we can share it! wow, thank you for what the Holy Spirit is already speaking to me in that!
i love it when you share from the Word and your experiences! they encourage me as well as others, i am sure.
jay are

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