January 08, 2007

newest star wars fanatic

i'm 27 years old, and i have taken great pride my whole life in responding to any discussion about star wars with "i've never seen it" just to see the reaction on people's faces. the only time i had ever seen any part of star wars was while i was working at summer camp. i came in the room in the middle of one of them (i think it was the empire strikes back...) and all i could do was laugh at the giant walking machines and make fun of yoda's voice. (yes, i have repented now...) they kicked me out! well, in a state of delirium a few weeks ago, i finally agreed to watch the first episode. well, technically the fourth episode, but you know what i mean. i liked it alright. then a couple weeks later at our new years party, we watched "the empire strikes back". i liked it better! hey, these star wars movies aren't too bad! well, over the weekend we watched "return of the jedi", and i am now obsessed. seriously!

(don't read this paragraph if you've never seen it...) and the amazing part was that i knew darth vader was luke's father and all b/c of all the jokes about it (has anyone ever noticed that he doesn't actually say "luuuuke, i am your father!!!" he just says "i am your father"...) but last night when luke was being tortured and killed by the emperor and vader would look from luke to the emperor, from luke to the emperor, and luke was crying out "father!! please!!!" and i flashed back to all the times when vader kept saying "you don't understand the power of the dark side!!!" and i finally realized that he was about to stop the torture and kill the emperor and go back to the good side, i lost it. what vader didn't understand was the power of a father's love! i couldn't believe it!!! i was absolutely floored!!! i had NO IDEA that happened. i mean, everyone knew that luke was going to kill vader b/c yoda even SAID that he had to finish him to become a true jedi knight!!! who would have known that he would have finished him by bring anakin back to life!!! BAH!!! WHAT A GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shoot. i've got tears in my eyes thinking about it...shut up, chris. ;) i told chris that if he had just told me that vader turned back to the good side in the end, that i would have watched them in a heartbeat!!! and i think i might be in love with chewbacca....he's the greatest!!!! the best part in all three movies is when the giant walking machine (sorry i don't know their actual name...) comes up to leia and han when they're trying to break into the empire's station to deactivate the death star sheild and they're all surrendering and stuff and then the hatch opens and chewy is like "BBBAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

so you should see them if you haven't. seriously. they're really, really good.

in other news, i keep injuring myself. i have a horrible burn on my arm, a ridiculously painful scrap/bruise on my knuckle from when mclean slammed the toilet seat cover down on it, a cut on another knuckle from ramming it into the corner of a poster frame this morning while making the bed, a bruise on my foot that makes me limp. amazing.

when we find the cord for the camera, i shall post pictures from this past weekend when chris and i babysat the burke kiddos in montreat north carolina. AMAZING weekend. i'm overflowing with blessings. :)


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