December 20, 2006


so there's 15 minutes left in the work day and my brain is just DONE. i don't really have much to say...

nathan and jency are officially dating and i don't think i've ever put that up here!! BAH!! it's so freaking exciting i don't know what to do with it!! chris and i teased them about getting married and stuff until we were all sick of it. then we all spent time up at hope house...and i also just realized i never posted pictures of our trip!!!!...and the rest is history. it's so weird that they are actually together after us teasing them so much. i don't think i've ever set anyone up before. apparently it happens to chris all the time though. maybe he's a prophet. daniel and kirby are apparently married b/c of christopher. my husband is amazing. make that GOD is amazing...

in other news, i bowled in the annual bowling tournament yesterday. it made my arms hurt like insane-o crazy, but it was way worth it!! we had a blast!! it's so fun to see everyone having fun across the whole alley. my first game was 117, second 97, third 108. emily would be embarrassed...our days as the bodacious bowling banshees are long forgotten. she broke 200 once!!!!

and after that was the headmaster's christmas party. more people than should have legally been allowed were crammed into the headmaster's house and there was food food food!!! i didn't go last year, so i wasn't sure what would be present in the form of nourishment. i said to chris, "what if it's only dessert?!" and we were both starving so got krystal before heading up there. TRAGEDY!!!! they was the BEST food i've ever had!! imagine the most expensive and ritzy wedding reception you've ever been to. now multiply it by about a hundred and you've got what we had last night. even with a belly full of krystal, i still ate. i was in pain. and i had bananas foster for the first time ever!!! it was divine!! but i am in desperate need of a winter dress. bare shoulders and legs was just a bit much last night...

in other news, chris and i still have some shopping to do. good grief. i gotta go do just that right now. halleluia for shorter hours!! (it's 4:00)


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