November 20, 2006

giving up to take on

okay. for the few that read this and the even fewer that care about the word counter to the left that hasn't moved in a few days, i have a confession. i quit national novel writing month. and i'm bummed. really bummed. i mean, the story was going somewhere...well, sort of...and i liked writing about meg and morris and joe and crew and steven. the mouse world was JUST ABOUT to intersect with the human world (don't ask...) so it was a pretty exciting time. but i quit. and i have a peace about it. b/c as much as i'm bummed about not finishing, the amount of excitement i have for being in charge of jglass's wedding invitations FAR outweighs it!!!!


seriously, it is way, way worth it. so i've been on the interenet and phone and will go around in person to bunches of places to do, basically, what we did for our invitations. it's the bride's orders!!!! :) :) :) talk about a high compliment. i'm seriously honored. and the reason that i have to drop what i'm doing to do this is because she's getting married in 47 days. BWAHAHAHAA!!!!! the is shouting at her to hurry up. WAHOO!! i'm super excited!!!

in other news, it snowed today. no, of course it didn't accumulate. but it did snow. *whew* it was nice. and it's so COLD outside!!! FINALLY!!!! bbrrrr....

in more others news, today is thursday. now that might confuse some of you since it's obviously technically monday, but we get wednesday through friday off, so it's technically thursday since it's the day before the last day of the work week. OH BLESSED SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!! *deep sigh* i love thanksgiving.


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