October 27, 2006

rainy friday

friday + 100% chance of rain all day long = NAP DAY! not quite. work gets in the way of my life so often. today is a perfectly good read a book and nap day. oh well. it's already 2.

my friend's mom is doing marvelously and hopefully going home today! thank you Lord for answering "YES!" to our prayers!

in other news, tonight jency is having friends over for chili and a bonfire. read the first paragraph. it might just be chili, a fire in the fireplace and a movie! nevertheless, i'm super excited!!! and we have fabulous friends who will be sleeping on our futon tonight so we have guaranteed wonderful breakfast companions! then all day tomorrow we get to hike and carve pumpkins and have fun with colin, april and the slatens for his TWENTY-EIGHTH birthday! gross. that's, like, gross old. (and it's really bad b/c i'm just 6 months behind him....)

anyway, my nap...i mean, work calls.


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